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1. Contents of the online quotation
The author will not undertake any guarantee for the actuality, correctness, completeness or quality of the provided informations. Claims for liability against the author, relating to damages of material or ideal nature and having been caused by the usage or non-performance of faulty or incomplete informations, are principally excluded, in as much as an evidentially intentional or grossly negligent error cannot be ascertained on the side of the author. All our offers are not binding and without engagement. The author explicitly reserves the right to alter,supplement,and delete part of the pages or the entire offer without giving special notice, or to suspend the publication for some time, respectively to cancel it definitely.

2. References and links
For direct or indirect references to external internet pages, being outside of the scope of responsibility of the author, an obligation for liability would come into force exclusively in the case only that the author might have knowledge of the contents and that, if technically feasable and if it could be expected from him, he would be in a position to prevent the usage of such data in the case of illegal contents. The author, therefore, expressly declares that at the date of the linkage the corresponding linked pages were free from illegal matters. The author will not have any influence on the actual or future make-up and subjects of the linked/connected pages. Therefore, he will distance himself explicitly from all contents of all linked/connected pages having been altered after their linking. This ascertainment (statement) is valid for all links and references having been entered within his own internet offer, but also for external entries into visitors’ books, discussing forum (newsgroups) and mailing lists having been arranged by the author. For illegal, faulty or incomplete subjects, and especially for damages resulting from the usage or non-performance of informations being presented in such a manner, the bidder of the page to which was referred, will solely be liable, but not he who merely refers to the publication via links.

3. Copyright and the right of registered trademark
The author will be endeavoured to observe the copyright of the used graphics, tonal documents and patterns, video sequences and texts in all publications, to utilize as well graphics, tonal documents, video sequences and texts having been established by himself, or to go back to licence free graphics,tonal documents, video sequences and texts. All within the internet offer denominated marks and trademarks and ,if so, protected by third-parties, are unlimitedly subject to the right of trademark protection and/or to the possessory title, being in force for the time being, on behalf of the respective registered lawful owner. Just only by reason of the mere naming it simply cannot be concluded that trademarks are not protected by third-parties.The copyright for published objects, having been created by the author himself, remains solely appertaining to the author of the pages. A reproduction or usage of such graphics, tonal documents, video sequences and texts in other electronic media or printed publications is not permitted without the explicit agreement of the author.

4. Data protection
As far as, the opportunity within the internet offer exists for the entry of personal or commercial data,(e-mail address, names and addresses),the release of these data on part of the user will expressly be effected on voluntary basis only. The use and settlement ( payment) of all these offered services are permitted, whenever possible on the technical side and if to be expected from the author, likewise without any indication of such data respectively by presenting anonymous data or those of a pseudonym.

5. Validity of nonliability
This nonliability has to be considered part of the internet offer from which reference was made to this (internet) page. As far as parts or individual, single formulations of these texts are not, no longer or not completely in accordance with the current legal status, the remaining parts of the document will rest untouched with regard to their validity and contents.